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Kedarnath Helicopter Service From Guptkashi  Booking

Say goodbye to 16 km long trek and complete the Kedarnath Helicopter Service From Guptkashi with safe and reliable Kedarnath Helicopter Service From Guptkashi Services provider, Arrow Aircraft & Trans Bharat Aviation . Kedarnath Helicopter Services is the preferred choice when you are looking for Safety, Integrity and Efficiency.
Give yourself the experience of a lifetime, see the breathtaking aerial view of the Kedarnath Dham and get lost in its beauty. With a short time of 7 minutes (one side), the Bell 407 Helicopter completes as many as 20 trips in a day. To avail the services of our 6 seater helicopter we provide Kedarnath Helicopter Service Online Booking and Kedarnath Helicopter Ticket Online Booking so that you can literally book from anywhere!

Aryan Aviation & Trans Bharat Aviation provides charter helicopter service from Guptkashi helipad to Kedarnath Temple. The Kedarnath budget helicopter flight by Aryan Aviation Trans Bharat Aviation is smooth and economical for the pilgrims visiting Kedarnath shrine. Aryan Aviation Trans Bharat Aviation helicopter service is available from opening dates of Kedarnath Dham till Bhai Dooj with some days break during monsoon.

Kedarnath Helicopter Services Types

  • Same Day Return Shuttle Helicopter Service
  • Next Day Return Shuttle Helicopter Service
  • One Way Shuttle Helicopter Service ( Guptkashi to Kedarnath )
  • One Way Shuttle Helicopter Service ( Kedarnath to Guptkashi )

Helicopter Service from Kedarnath to Guptkashi One Side

Helicopter Service from Kedarnath to Guptkashi One Side

Helicopter Service from Guptkashi to Kedarnath One Way

Helicopter Service from Guptkashi to Kedarnath One Way

Helicopter Service from Guptkashi to Kedarnath Next Day Return

Helicopter Service from Guptkashi to Kedarnath Next Day Return

Helicopter Service from Guptkashi to Kedarnath
Helicopter Service from Guptkashi to Kedarnath - Same Day Return

Helicopter Service from Guptkashi to Kedarnath - Same Day Return

Kedarnath Helicopter Service From Guptkashi

Kedarnath Temple is a Shiva temple believed to have been constructed in the 8th century resulting from the visit of Adi Shankaracharya. The Pandavas are stated to have built the original temple in the vicinity of the present Kedarnath Temple.

A religiously important town which is about 47 km before the holy temple of Lord Shiva, Kedarnath, Guptkashi is where Lord Shiva stays in the form of Vishwanath (Lord of the Universe) The Roads are well paved to reach till Guptkashi but hard to reach Kedarnath Temple from Guptkashi.. At an elevation of of 3,583 m (11,755 ft), Guptkashi is beautifully located on the east side of the Mandakini River valley facing the town of Ukhimath in the Rudraprayag District of Garhwal in Uttarakhand. It is an important Hindu pilgrimage in Uttarakhand and is also replete with beautiful flora and ancient temples like Vishwanath temple and Ardhnarishwar. This place justifies its name Guptkashi which means ‘Hidden Benares’ by linking itself with the epic of Mahabharatha. It is also said that when after the battle of Mahabharata, Pandavas were in a search of Lord Shiva and this was the place where they first spotted him

but later Lord Shiva fled from them to five different places known as the Panch Kedars. Guptkashi is also said to be the place where the original Shiva Linga of the Varanasi’s Vishwanath Temple is kept, which was shifted here to keep it safe during the time of Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb.

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Helicopter Services From Guptkashi

Guptkashi is situated 47kms before the holy shrine of Lord Shiva, Kedarnath. It is located on the route to Kedarnath on a ridge on the west side of the Mandakini river valley at an elevation of 1,319mts above sea level. Guptkashi is a religiously important town of Uttarakhand as it houses ancient temples like Vishwanath temple and Ardhnareshwar temple.

The center most attraction of Guptkashi town, Manikarnik Kund is a place where two streams of the Ganga and Yamuna meet. Gaurikund, the town from where trek to Kedarnath commences is situated 34kms ahead of Guptkashi. Guptkashi is situated on the mountain facing Ukhimath town.

Best Time to Visit Guptkashi

The best season to visit Guptkashi is during the summers. The most favourable months to visit the place are between March and June and October and November because, during these months, the weather remains pleasant offering tourists the best holiday experience they could get.

Kedarnath Helicopter General Instructions

  • The helicopter service for Kedarnathji will be operated from Guptkashi helipad.
  • 4 ½ hr (4 hour 30 mins) will be given to devotees for darshan at Shri Kedarnath Ji.
  • Devotees will have to purchase Priority Darshan slip for the same day return @ 2100/- per person (extra).
  • Reporting time is not to be confused with boarding time, Boarding will take place upto 01 hours after the reporting time
  • Effort will be made to accommodate passenger in their own group but this is not always possible, as we need to make weight adjustment in preparing of passenger load or accommodate priority seats.
  • Hand baggage not weighing more than 5 Kg per person only will be allowed.
  • Infant will be allowed to travel only with an Adult Passenger.

Cancellation Policy of Kedarnath Helicopter

  • Upto 7 Days before schedule – 20%
  • Upto 48 hrs. before schedule – 50%
  • Less than 48 hrs. before schedule – 75%
  • Less than 24 hrs. before schedule – No Refund

Kedarnath Helicopter General Information

  • Helicopter Operations began in April 2018
  • Gupta Kashi – Kedarnath – Gupta Kashi (same day and overnight options available)
  • Day-to-day timings: 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Approx. 20 trips in one day (subject to weather and other technical conditions)
  • Type of Helicopter: Bell 407
  • Seating capacity: 6 passengers
  • Average trip time: 7 minutes (One-way)

Kedarnath Helicopter Ticket Cost

  • Gupta Kashi – Kedarnath: Rs. 3,650/-
  • Kedarnath – Gupta Kashi : Rs. 3,650/-
  • Gupta Kashi – Kedarnath – Gupta Kashi: Rs. 7,300/-

*Note Services Charges Extra .